Detailed Pricing Information and Business Terms

Experience, quality and creativity are not exclusive of the "big league" agencies.
High pricing is!

In order to fulfill your everyday spanish-language communications needs, I have set affordable rates without compromising the highest standards of quality.

Please note that prices are quoted in U.S. dollars and should be taken as a reference of standard works. They may vary according to the complexity involved in certain assignments, cases in which the client will be properly advised before accepting his commitment to pay (upon receiving the information about his product/service and the briefing specifying his goals).



Minimum Charge

Quoted in U.S. Dollars

English-Spanish Translation

General, Technical, Legal and Commercial Translation into Spanish (includes professional translation, edition and proofreading).

$0.22 cents per source language word

$ 50

Advertising & Marketing Communications Translation into Spanish (includes creative input and cultural adaptation).

$ 0.25 cents per target language word

$ 50

Advertising Copy

Print Ads

$ 0.95 cents per word

$ 250

Radio & TV Ads

$ 2.75 per word

$ 225


$ 0.80 cents per word

$ 200

Direct Marketing Copy


$ 0.75 cents per word

$ 380

Direct Mail Letters

$ 0. 85 cents per word

$ 195

Direct Mail Package (Classic 4 pieces): Envelope, Sales Letter, Brochure and Order Card or Response Coupon

$ 0.70 cents per word

$ 550


Marketing Communications Copy

Marketing Communications (Press Releases, Speeches, Newsletters, Corporate Video Scripts, etc.)

$ 0.70 cents per word

$ 250


Editorial (Magazine Articles, New Products Reports, Newsletters and Website Content, etc.)

$ 0.75 cents per word

$ 275

Corporate Image Product Naming, Slogans, Logo Concepts and Packaging.

Flat Rate per Project

Edition & Proofreading

Spanish General, Technical, Legal and Business Texts (includes edition, proofreading and style correction).

$0.10 cents per target language word

$ 50

Spanish Advertising, Marketing & P.R. Texts (includes edition, cultural adaptation, proofreading and style correction).

$ 0.15 cents per target language word

$ 50

Special Services

Creative Review Consultancy.

Flat Rate per Project

Overnight Delivery for Copywriting and Translation Projects of up to 1,000 words

50% additional to the corresponding standard rate

Business Terms and Payment Conditions


A purchase order or a signed letter of authorization is required for all jobs.


All revisions must be assigned within 15 days of receipt of the translation/copy.


Payment is due within 30 days of the completion of the project.


A late payment charge of 1.25% monthly (16.07% annually) is applied to all payments not received within 30 days of the invoice date.


For new clients, I require the full payment in advance. For larger projects, I require 70 % at the onset. The remainder is due at the completion of the contract.


Flat Billing is available for larger projects, public relations or advertising campaigns. The rate is directly related to the project's unique specifications. I will summit a written estimate.


Delivery times will be agreed on a per project basis (excepting the Overnight Service).


Payments can be made by check or wire transfer for deposit into my U.S. bank account. Further instructions will be provided. Online payments are also welcomed via PayPal See below.

PayPal is a secure online payment system that you can use to send payments by charging them to your credit card (MasterCard/Visa) or bank account. It is faster, safer and easier than mailing a check, and far less expensive and bothersome than wire transfers or bank drafts. PayPal literally costs just a few cents to send a payment if you have a PayPal business account, and it is free to send payments if you have a PayPal personal account. You can pay anyone with an email address, even if the payee is not registered with PayPal. To sign up or obtain more information, click on the logo below to get to the PayPal website.

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