Thanks for your interest in my work!

As a passionate translator, creative and wordsmith, the only business card I can think of using to introduce myself is my portfolio. This is where you get to know my work, and where words do their job and speak for themselves.

To receive a samples pack of my translation and creative work, please send me an email. Business references are always available upon request.   


Translation Specialties: Spanish Translator, English Spanish Translator, Spanish Copywriter, Marketing Translation; Advertising Translation; Spanish Translation; English Spanish Translation; Transcreation, Newsletter Translation; Magazine Translation; Marketing Communications Translation; Adaptation; Cultural Adaptation; Original Copywriting in Spanish; Spanish Copywriting; Market Research Translation; Spanish Translator; Spanish Copywriter; Bilingual Copywriter; English-Spanish Translator; Website Translator; Name Evaluation; Human Resources Materials; SEO Copywriting, Surveys Translation.